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Testsite Hansholm

DanWEC is undoubtedly our most important partner. Christian Nereus Grant is employed as Site Manager at DanWEC. Additionally, we work on a consultancy basis with what lies beyond this employment. The appointment is part of a project where Christian is responsible for operational tasks around the test site.

We take the task of development of wave energy seriously, and we help the developers, who come to the centre to achieve their goals through valuable partnerships. With our many years of experience in the maritime sector, we offer expert assistance when it comes to survival strategies for wave energy converters.

DanWEC aims to support the exploitation of wave energy in Denmark including developing, owning, renting, and operating facilities for testing, demonstration, and gathering of knowledge.

In practice, this was done by setting up a test center that fully-fledged eventually, containing a designated test area anchoring options, land cable, wave gauges, and data acquisition equipment. Concurrently, DanWEC was to establish a competent research and knowledge environment in Hanstholm. Here, the cooperation with Aalborg University plays a crucial role, and our ambition is to create a test center and an environment of synergy that is known from other business areas, for example Medicon Valley and Silicon Valley.

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